Monday, 22 June 2009

Fashion Advice, You Tube Movies and More!

Firstly - I've finally bought a webcam and mustered up the courage to make my first You Tube video - and guess what - it was soo much fun. I loved it, and hopefully you will as I'll probably be making some more soon. My first video was a 'what's in your bag' video - and I'm amazed at how much clutter I actually carry around with me. But hey - at least I have a nice bag to do this with!

My channel is called thefelinefairy and there's also a link to it on the side bar.

Secondly - I've been asked for some advice from one of my followers sparkplugdewdrops.

So I like wearing black and navy blue. As far as I'm concerned, they're both neutral colors and look fine together. Recently one of my friends told me that although they are neutral colors, they don't go well together. Is she just being a total fashion nazi? Can I wear the two together and not look like a complete maroon? thanks.
Sparkplugdewdrops is one of my online buddies from the US and we have had numerous conversations in which I feel terribly English, but he is a real sweetheart with a great ability to write so if you've not seen his blog yet you should definitely check it out and catch up on his attempts at getting his book published.

Anyway - in answer to his question - my advice is as follows:

Navy blue and black are both dark colours, and often form a good base for adding other colours or creating different styles. The good thing about these colours is how versatile they are and can be worn for both smart and casual . You don't mention how you wear them, but my main concern would be that they can wash you out if you are pale. Why not try wearing them with a little bit of colour, for example, wearing black jeans and a navy blue jumper, with a red or yellow t shirt underneath, so you can see a bit of the colar or a bit of the t shirt at the bottom - this breaks up the two neutral colours and brightens up the whole outfit, and you can create your own style by just changing the colour of the t-shirts you wear. Similarly, if you wear navy blue jeans and want to wear a black top, why not wear a white t shirt underneath with a brown belt and brown shoes - that is one of my favourite looks on men actually - it's very contemporary but still classic at the same time.

Rest assured, though, I don't think the third reich are making a comeback to target your fashion sense with their propaganda - but it could be good to experiment adding some little flashes of colour or pattern to make your outfits seem different and up to date.

I've actually found this perfect jumper for you - navy blue with some colour for you to wear with black jeans- not sure if you have a Topman in the US, but this is £25 and made me think of you as soon as I saw it.

I'm hoping to run a competition on here soon, so would be good to get some feedback and what you think of that idea?


  1. That was awesome! yeah, she reacted badly to me wearing a navy sweatshirt and black dickies slacks... and I think the t-shirt was a different color altogether.

    thanks for the help, and the extra tips. I don't have a topman around me, but I will certainly keep my eyes open.

    ps. great video.

  2. hahahahah in my traditional UK manner - I have no idea what dickies slacks are - but I'm guessing their some sort of trousers/jeans :)

    Topman have a US Website

    everything seems to be twice as much as over here though....and I thought the dollar was doing well against the pound at the moment...

  3. I have to check out your video soon. Good for you!

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