Tuesday, 16 June 2009

The soft, the bronze and the cellulite free???

If you've been reading my blogs you'll know about my quest to banish cellulite. Well, I'm still having the massages, and was very pleased during my last massage when my beautician commented on how the appearance of my cellulite had improved.

The lastest fad I'm trying, I discovered purely by accident. I went on a mission to buy some of the dove gradual tanning type moisturiser, to use in combination with my L'oreal Nutrilift, when I saw what looked to be a wonder lotion. Under the name Nutrisummer tone up, this new L'oreal masterpiece claims to give 24 hour moisturising, add a gradual tan, and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

I've been using for three days now. It's a bit too soon to know whether or not it's going to have a great impact on my cellulite, but my skin certainly does feel softer, and has a sort of glow to it. I'm fairly confident too it will help with the cellulite, as it contains caffeine which is well known for its firming qualities, and if not, there's always the old 'tanned skin looks firmer than pale skin' trick.

The lotion is very thin and applies really easily and soaks into the skin well. It has no nasty smell like Johnson's Holiday Skin, and is pretty much the good quality I've come to expect from L'oreal. I anticipate one tube lasting about a month, so with a price tag of around £8, that's pretty reasonable - especially considering it does three things in one.

So far I'm loving this product. The only downside I've discovered, which is more to do with my application technique than the product itself is that one of my legs now appears to have more colour than the other - think I need to work on applying it more evenly.

As for the cellulite - keep watching this space for updates.

Nutrisummer Tone-Up for Fair Skin

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