Friday, 5 June 2009

You can never find things when you want them....

Have you ever noticed that you see something all the time, but the minute you want one, you can't find them anywhere.

This seems to be the case for me at the moment with knee length shorts. I'm sure every year at this time, the shops are full of them, but this year can I find any? None. I've got an idea in my head of exactly what I want, and an image I want to create, yet I'm struggling to find something that is of a material suitable for summer (i.e. not wool), the right length and a decent colour. Even ebay is letting me down this time.

I love the heels look for the evening, but also with flip flops or flats for the day, with a loose top and loads and loads of jewellery.

My search will continue and hopefully soon I'll be uploading a pic of me in my new shorts!

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