Tuesday, 9 June 2009


So, I’ve just discovered what, in fashion and beauty terms, ‘a haul’ refers to. Basically, this is used in many YouTube videos when people show and discuss all the things they have recently bought.

No you may think this sounds lame, and totally pointless, which may be the case. But, all I can say is that I LOVE IT!!!!

I’m so nosey anyway, I love looking at what people have bought when they go shopping, along the lines of make up, clothes, shoes etc.. (the weekly trip to Tesco can be excluded from this). I first came across this on Lollipop26’s YouTube page, which I’ve just come across, but there are so many across the board. Mainly I have found from the US, so it would be good for a few more of us Brit ladies to post up a some of these.

Seeing what someone buys, and how they plan to wear it, their choices for buying it etc. What they like and don’t like really gives an insight into people’s lives, and can also be inspiring (though perhaps a little jealousy provoking too when you see the masses of purchases and wish you could afford for shopping to be a daily activity in your calendar too).

I now do feel truly inspired, and so watch this space for perhaps my own video of my ‘haul’ – filmed on my new Sony Cybershot 12 MP camera I bought last week!

Also today I’ve been thinking a lot about the earrings from Topshop that I was going to buy the other week but didn’t. They still have them, and for £7 I’m thinking I may get them on my way home either today or tomorrow. They’re really sweet and quite funky. A little bit tacky but in a way that just adds to their quirkiness. They’re so in with the whole nautical fashion at the moment, but also classic enough to be versatile for when fashions change!

I’m also on the look out for a big gold necklace and pair of gold shoes to wear to the Summer Ball on Saturday with a teal coloured dress…. I may have to bite the bullet and head away from my usual bargain lane and pay high street prices for something as Ebay seems to be letting me down at the moment!!

I am now trying to get my friend to partake in my first Ebay Challenge! Watch this space for an update.

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