Monday, 18 May 2009

Only the funniest, most amusing, distracting and time wasting website ever! You upload your photo, select a photo of a famous person, or upload your own, line up faces, press a button, and wham…your face is on her body with her hair!

I’ve never seen such freaky and in-bred looking photographs in my whole life. My friend thought it would be a good way of finding out what she’d look like with different hair styles. Wrong – it was a good way of finding out how she’d look having her face on sideways, and two sets of eyebrows.

The problem comes in not being able to find a photo of yourself face on, and then when you do, your face is inevitably the wrong size, and you either have to end up stretching it or scrunching it up to fit in. Your skin turns out to be the wrong shade compared to the rest of the body, and you of course suddenly have the body of a film star.

Does anyone remember that game from when we were kids – Misfits????????

Saying that though, I kind of liked how mine turned out – my face,
Katie Holmes’ hair and body…. Not bad!

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