Monday, 18 May 2009

The Art of Eyebrow Etiquette

Being someone who used to pluck on a daily basis, and now gets professionally waxed, I like to consider myself well versed in the art of eyebrow etiquette.

Yet some of us like to experiment, and my friend Lucy recently road-tested Veet Waxing Strips. A leading name in all that is self waxing, her expectations were high, and she certainly didn’t expect to end up covered in green gloop with a black eye!

Though in fairness to Veet, perhaps it was her technique that was amiss here and not the actual product. For most people, reading ‘warm in your hands’, this would simply mean ‘warm in your hands’, yet to Lucy this meant put on the radiator to heat. Minutes later, when the wax is now hot, she peeled off the back and applied to her brow.

Plucking up courage, she gave a firm yank, and looked at the wax strip to see the results. Sadly not a single hair could be seen on the strip, and in fact more wax seemed to remain on her brow than on the strip. Slightly frustrated, she reached for a tissue to clean off the wax, only to find the tissue then stuck to the wax, and she now had green wax and a white tissue hanging off her eyebrow causing her more pain than waxing itself would.
Flushing with water seemed like the only option, but soon the wax started to melt and dissolve and she found a green liquid dripping down her face, which she then had to dry with a towel which is now in the bin as the green stain won’t come out!

Waking up the next day with a bruised eye, Lucy finally conceded self-waxing wasn’t for her and returned to the trusty tweezers with confidence!


  1. I can't bring myself to do this myself - too scared -- I have to go to a salon.

  2. me too - I think that's the best way.