Thursday, 2 July 2009

Nail Varnish Competition

Sorry for no blogs of late - I've been sick with an ear infection and I'd forgotten just how nasty they are. To top it off this heat wave we're having is not exactly weather condusive to recovery! But after three days the antibiotics seem to be kicking in so fingers crossed by the weekend I'll be back to normality!

Whilst ill I thought about painting my nails in a different colour, though of course couldn't bring myself to steer away from my traditional red. This got me thinking about make up and fashion styles and looks that I'd love to try, but have never had the occassion or courage to do so. Two things I've seen on celebrities at the moment are blue nail varnish and bright pink nailvarnish.

I've therefore decided to run my first competition - the prizes of which will be - yep you've guessed it - some blue and bright pink nail varnishes.

The blue nail varnish is Barry M's cyan blue, and the pink is Eyeko's punk polish. Both of these colours are simply gorgeous and they look really thick and dreamy - almost like paint. I'm sure whoever wins these will enjoy.

To enter, subscribe to my blog, and then leave a comment below this entry, telling me about a nail look you've seen but you've never had the courage to try. This could be black nails, nails filed to a point, WAG nails, nail art, jewels etc.
The closing date is Friday 10th July. Winners will be picked at random.


  1. Ohhh great contest and great prizes! I have seen the diamante toe pedi and would love to do it but it looks painful and maybe a bit stripperish? lol! xx

  2. Congratulations on ur first contest!

    I would love to have the courage to wear Metro Chic. It sounds funny but I have never gone for a polish that dark. =]

  3. Black nails! I don't know why since I've worn dark purple before. Hooray for contests!!